How to beat normal weight obesity and naturally speed up metabolism

Published: 01/27/2010

According to a report issued by the Mayo Clinic, 20% of men and 30% of women are considered to have normal weight obesity, Fox 5 reported yesterday.

What is normal weight obesity? Normal weight obesity means that although your weight is considered to be normal, your body is made up of a high percentage of fat mass and a lower percent of muscle mass than is recommended. The primary reason for this is that after the age of 40, we lose an average of 6% of our muscle mass every decade. Having less muscle mass equates to fewer calories burned. If fewer calories are burned for energy, more calories are stored as fat. In the end, the scale doesn't register any differently, but your body consists of less muscle and more fat.

Hit the weights. Incorporating weight training into your exercise program can help to prevent age-related muscle loss. It can speed up your metabolism by increasing muscle tissue that burns calories -- even at rest. Weight training can prevent loss of functional capacity and help reduce your risk for heart disease and diabetes. Investing in an exercise professional is a smart move.

It is true that all excerise is medicine, but weight training -- not aerobic exercise -- increases muscle size. And remember, eating extra protein won't do it. Americans eat too much protein. Protein alone does not build muscle. The biggest animals on this planet are plant-eaters.

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How to beat normal weight obesity and naturally speed up metabolism